My personal relationship with God is the most important thing in my life and He is #1 in my life….


For my birthday this year I made a promise to God to share my testimony with people who may not believe in God so they will know through Jesus they can have a relationship with God.

I know God is real and walks with me because he has saved my life when I have been in danger, he has protected me and given me energy, power ,strength, moral support.


I want to share my story with those who will listen so they can believe in him for encouragement, support, and have the willpower and desire to walk with God too…


To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Ecclesiastes 3:1


A time without God;

I grew up in the country, my family does not believe in God, and we where born with Buddhism religion.


I moved to Bangkok when I was young(12 years old) and stay with my aunt who has a Chinese family. (I believe this was part of God’s plan for my life.)


I first hear about God from my neighbors who where old. I refer to them as my grandfather and grandmother even though we are not related. They are now dead. They were very nice to me and always watch out for me. They try to explain God to me but I not believe and I laugh at them on the inside. When I hear them talk about Jesus, I do not believe, to me they are only stories, like the stories I hear about Budda.


These neighbors take me to church all the time with them for over a year. I still did not believe but I went only so I could have more friends, fun and other things.



A time to be born again


I remember for weeks I was very sad, downhearted,. My life was filled with loneliness, I missed my family, I was always comparing myself to another girl at the church… most of my friends were different than me they were not country girl like me.


After one year at the church I pray for the first time.

I pray:

“God father Show me that you are real God… that you are not just a story.. I want to see you. I want you to touch me ….I want to know for myself if you are God, I do not only want to hear stories from other people that talk about you.. I am not a believer, if you are real, Show me … Show me…if you do not show me how I can I know who you are and if you are real…

(I know is not goods I pray like that…like a challenge to God)”



Suddenly!! I fill someone put big hand on my head…this time I feel very very good. I can’t explain it but all my hair standing on end…I want to open my eyes but I can’t … I want to see who has laid their hand on me…. It is so nice ..And I can’t stop my tears…. After about 10 minutes I open my eyes. I do not see anyone around me.


All the people they are in the front of the church…I go tell my grandfather neighbor and he says ….Because God love you, God is touching you and anointing you!! He is letting you know that you are now one of his special little girl’s.

(That is my first experience and God show me he is real God) I believed in God Jesus that day!!

The next day I start reading the Bible in New Testament, I Still remember that time. I read the New Testament more than 10 times in 3 months.


I read everywhere I go… in the school all my friends they say I am crazy about God and some of my friends call me a nun because they see me hold my Bible all the times. but I do not care, Because I what to know him, only me and my 2 friends believe in God Jesus (2500 students only 3 children in school believe in God) and then I start read old testament, finish to end and start to read again and again,

I really want to know God more and more and want to know all the stories in the bible , this is my prayer to God. (I call that …A time to plant)


A time to share the Gospel


I believe in God/jesus for 2 years, I start sharing the Gospel with the people, I go with the church group every weekend, we share on the street, in slums, still remember one of time I share the Gospel with nearly 100 people on the street for that day.


One time about 3 years ago , God open my way to working with business woman and she a politician, a millionaire woman all her children live overseas, but her husband stays with another woman!! She lives in a big penthouse all alone.


The first month I do my work for her and I cry almost every day because she yell, scream and shout all the time at me.


I complain with God why he gives me job with a woman like this and I have plans to resign in the next month for sure.


I share this with some friend at the church ,she tell me that God is using me to share about God Jesus with her.


I decide I not quit my job in the next month and pray to God that I will do my job to share about him before leaving.


I start praying and find time to share the gospel with her and show her that God loves her, but she not trust me.


She tells me, I am pretty. She tells me I am no different than anyone else. I may talk about God but because I pretty one of her rich businessman friends will like me and I will leave to be with the man because he have a lot of money. I no different, money more important than God.


One of the business men comes from England (he have Tuna factory all over world) and he likes me and ask me to go with him.


I tell him I may be poor, but I no prostitute and I will not go with him, I not care how much money he has. He continue to ask me out for nearly a year but I tell him no.


After this she see how I walk with God and she ask to go to church with me.


She lets me come to her penthouse and we read the Bible together. (She had never let a worker go to her penthouse.)


She starts taking me everywhere she goes, including high class night party.


I don’t like this but I have to go because I have to go and take care of her.


By the way, I decide to leave my job because I follow God’s plan and he has a new plan for me.


I get a new boss she more rich and she more yell, scream and shout.


One time I am working with her and she give me the job to take money to Hua Hin (2 hour from Bangkok) to pay for new hotel she is buying.


.I am afraid if people know I have this much money and am alone. I leave my job. I shared the gospel with her. She says she believes but really she finds no time for God.


I share the gospel with my blessed friend when we were young about 10 years ago but she has a big fight with me about God. and she tell me that I am crazy.


But I still pray for her the same time I pray for my family!


5 years ago I share how God loves her so much when she has many problems in her life!

She has accepted God Jesus in her heart and her daughter also makes me so happy. She is strong with God and brings many of people to believe in God Jesus. Praise the Lord! When I look back she fights me about God alot and now she has this fight with people as she tries to explain God. I thank God for letting her grow with him more and more.


A time to help People.


Since I am born again I try to help many of beggar people on the street. I may be poor but God give me so much more than they have.

When I was born again, God changed my heart to care for other people, to show love with them share how God protected me and provide blessings in my life

I buy them food …. I never forgot 16 year ago, I give a beggar woman a bath..


I wanted her to hear about God . I take her to the church with me and I clean all her body with my hand (because she smell so bad) many of people they laugh at me!! They look at me like I am crazy.

My money is gone because I buy soap …and buy food for her!.


I have to walk home for 5 hour and I am very thirsty and hungry. I do not have money to buy food, water or take a bus.


My family tells me that if I go to church any more they not help me and will not give any money to even get something to eat.


The apartment I live in, I have a neighbor and old Chinese man who is about 80 years old. For the first year I just watch him and he walk very, very slow. I always smile when he pass by. I see that he stays alone, I start to talk to him and he tells me that he live alone with no family.

I see that he look so sad and sick and he told me that he have heart disease, lung trouble, blood pressure, many of disease for old people.!


When I hear that it makes me so sad for him. I buy some food for him when I come back from my work in evening time almost every day and when he very sick I go with him to the hospital.


When he come back from hospital I would look after him until he get better, I would sleep on his floor so if he need help, I could help him. I always pray for him and show him that God love him!!


He thank me and tell me for the first time he not feel alone, I go to talk with him almost every day after work , I ask him to go to the church with me but he always told me that when he feel better he will go to the church with me!


The days he passed away I never forget! He was very sick that day, I see him in the morning before I go to work and I have told him to go hospital and when I finish from my work at evening time I will see him at hospital but he told me he want to wait for me in evening time and we can go to hospital together.

I come back 6 pm. he already put on his coat wait for me in his room when I knock the door he come open for me and I told him that we going now and told him that wait a moment I need toilet! While in the toilet I hear him fall ! I jump up from bathroom and see him lying in the floor!


He try to talk with me about something but I can’t hear what he said, he died in my arm.


He passed a way that evening time! For 2 years we have talked nearly every day and I have spent much of my time take to care of him every day because he have nobody to help him. He had become like family to me. I cry so hard and pray pray hard for him in that time!


The police call his relatives who have never came to see him in the three years I have known him. It makes me very sad, because they come and all they ask is if he have any money and where he keep it.


I tell them I think he not even have any money because I buy his food for him with my own money every night.


They tell me he very rich and have lots of property and leave and never even say thank you for buying him food and helping take care of him for the last two years. They not care about him or even appreciate the help I give him


Thanks God I learn from this time, is hard to meet sincere; honest people in this world but I so happy that I am sincere to him and show him that God is love and he not care whether people have moneys or not!


I believe and hope that his relatives will know that moneys can’t buy love, sincerity and happiness.


Thanks Lord…. When I look back …. For the last 20 some years of my life, I have truly walked with him …he is the absolute being in my life and changed me. I am different from before he was in my life! He changed my heart, showed me how to love other people like God Jesus has loved me.




God saved my life


I spend 2 hours sharing about God with a man. I later learn he was a murderer.


He start following me everywhere even following me when I walk home to my apartment. This go on for about 3 months.


This man is crazy. After talking with my friends we call the police.


When the police talk to him, he tell the police he likes me and wants to rape and kill me.


I thank God that he protect me and not let this crazy man hurt me. Thank the Lord. Hallejullah.


After this happen with me, I become afraid of men. Thai people known for their smiles but I not smile for long time after this.


The second time


I cross the road on crosswalk but the driver is drunk!


The x-ray doctor told me that my head crack, my backbone, my leg is hurt .


While in the hospital I pray very hard with God for his healing. The doctor told me that maybe I have to stay hospital for a year. At this time in my life I am studying at the university and my family will have to find money to pay to the hospital.


This worries me very much as I and my family are very poor and I do the only thing I can do which is pray and pray!


When I have the second x-ray the doctor is says my bone is perfect everywhere in my body and he does not understand how that can be since I was hit by a car.


Praise the LORD!! And I have to stay in the hospital only one week, Thanks God! In my times of trouble he Preserves and protects of me


The third time

I nearly die because of the people I am working for. These people called

themselves Christian!!


I work for a businesswoman and her partner who is a gay man. He tells me he is a Christian and always goes to church but I also know the way he lives is not the life of a Christian. What he says and how he lives are not the same


He tells my boss, the businesswoman that they will start a business, a lottery sales. This is an illegal business, some provinces have 15 million people and some province have 20 million,


I try to tell him that this is not right and he is suppose to be a Christian and God does not want us to gamble or let people gamble.


He just laughs at me and says this is not gambling, this is business.

I tell him that I want my boss to go to the church with me and know about Jesus and he know that and agree with me.


One day, the police come to the office where I work and he tells me to go and walk with the police, I tell him I not go talk to the police as I have nothing to do with his business. He want me to tell him the illegal lottery they are planning is my idea, he say they will not do anything to me because I a pretty woman. When I refuse he gets very angry with me.


A month later he come to talk with me again, he tells me they have a meeting with a business man from the province where they want to start the lottery.


He tell me if I help with lottery he will give me 100,000 baht a week + commission.


I decline his job offer and I tell him this is illegal and God would not bless me for doing something like this.


About a month later, he come back to the office where I work with the businesswoman and he kicked me and hit my head against the wall and said “you will die today” for not helping me with the boss to get this lottery started. I am crying and I ask God for help, I say “God Jesus, God Jesus help me, please help me.” When he hears me calling out to Jesus it make him madder and hit me more and more and then tries to push me down the stairway in the office, I do not fall and I run down the stairs and ask some people to help me and then go to the police station and then the hospital. Thank God again that I not fall down the stairs and die.



When things happen to me I always ask God why??

I go to church every week, I read bible everyday, I pray every day,

I try to have strong relationship with GOD and always try to help the poor people, I give food for beggar on the street almost every day!!


But it is Ok …I still give thanks to him all the time and love him more and more. I believe that God has a better plan more for my life.




A time to give thanks always


I thank GOD that he has plan for my life, I was countryside, weakest girl, No confidence, Very ashamed girl of where I come from. He called me when I was young, Innocent, and of pure heart. I think the reason that he loves me because in my life I have never drank , smoked, taken drugs. I never been to a nightlight place , disco, or bars.

Every time….when I read Bible, I Always pray

“Please God keep me up, when I talk about you with the people, so they will respect me and you from outside and inside”

A time of peace

One of the most difficult parts of the Christian life is the fact that becoming a disciple of Christ does not make us immune to life’s trials and tribulations. Why would a good and loving God allow us to go through such things as the death of a child, disease and injury to ourselves and our loved ones, financial hardships, worry and fear? Surely, if He loved us, He would take all these things away from us. After all, doesn’t loving us mean He wants our lives to be easy and comfortable? Well, no, it doesn’t. The Bible clearly teaches that God loves those who are His children and He “works all things together for good” for us (Romans 8:28). So that must mean that the trials and tribulations He allows in our lives are part of the working together of all things for good. Therefore, for the believer, all trials and tribulations must have a divine purpose.

“That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than foods and your body more than clothing?

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?

Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

Matthew 6:25-27



1. I will strengthen you.
2. I will provide for you.
3. I will answer you.
4. I will be beside you.
5. I will give you rest.

If anyone wants to know more about God Jesus Please contact me I am ready to share with you about God.

God blessing you!!



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