Inquiry about market rent price and apartment house management…

Dear Sir or Madam, This is Naoto Fujiwara from China, but Japanese. I found you from web search, and wanted ask you about a rent. Are you realtor in Pattaya? I will be owner of “Southpoint Pattaya” where locate it near by your shop. I’d like to ask you about management cost IF I ask after completion. Its will be nearing completion but someday in this year according to the Kingdom Property. My question is estimated market rent price if you manage it. My room place 1BR/16F, 41sqm, Pattaya Bay View. Could you tell me following my questions. (1)What service do you have for apartment management? (2) Do you have expect rent price of my room? (3)How much you need management fee, per year? (4)Can you buy furniture etc for this room instead? (5)Tell me rent market situation in Pattaya so far?
Please advise,