How to use Paypal to transfer funds from the US

1- Open a Thai bank account, for example at Kasikorn Bank, just need a passport and a Thai address (where the bank will never send any document, so any hotel address is ok)
Fill the forms, deposit some money, pay few hundreds bank for the ATM card (300 THB at Kasikorn Bank), you will get the card on the spot along with a sealed document that include the PIN code. You can keep this number or change it at any ATM.

2 - Open a new Paypal account: as it is not possible to add a Thai bank to a US PayPal account someone who want to use Paypal with a Thai bank account must open a second PayPal account and designate Thailand as the country.

3 - When opening the Thai bank account also apply for internet access to this account: to add the Kasikorn bank account to the Thai PayPal account you need to have online access (a K-cyber account) to the Thai bank account, so when you open your Thai bank account also apply for the K-cyber access and you will get the log in info by email.

4 - You will receive an email within 24 hours from Kasikorn bank telling that my K-cyber account is set up and giving you a log in and password. On your initial log in both password and user name have to be changed and the bank also requires a second password for any transactions. This can either be done via SMS or you can create a second password to use when you won't be in-country when making a transaction, and create it at Kasikorn web site, at From the drop down menu, select Service Channels, then Internet, then K-Cyber Banking. A new window will open.

5 - In order to make online purchases or transactions there is another step. On Kasikorn Bank website you have to create a K-web shopping virtual credit card, which is a simple application, requiring the second password, and within 24 hours you will have a virtual credit card. It means that you will be emailed a 16-digit number (the same as a credit card), expiration date, and a CCV (the three digits on the back of the card). All of this is virtual, and this is an additional security step that the bank uses.

6 - Log in to your Thai Paypal account, add the virtual account info (which is linked to the Kasikorn account), and the card will be accepted. PayPal requires verification and will deduct $1.95 (around 60 baht) from the account and the transaction will be listed as "PAYPAL1234" or "1234PAPAL". The four digits will then have to be posted to the PayPal account to verify. In the US, a few cents is deposited and then you have to enter that information to verify the transaction. Once verified, PayPal will reimburse the $1.95.

7 - Receive email confirmation that PayPal has deducted money from your account and the email has the four digits you need to confirm my account. Go back to your Thai PayPal account and enter the four digits and you're done, now you have an online account and can go shopping online, transfer money, and any other operation available with a Paypal account.

8 - To test the transfer of funds from US PayPal to Thai PayPal send money with your Thai Paypal account to your US Paypal account, and receive immediate confirmation by email that the transaction has been completed. Log into your Thai PayPal account and see that the funds are available and accept the transfer.

9 - To transfer some money from PayPal to you Thai Kasikorn bank you have to click on "add a bank account" but as this is a Thai paypal account everything will be written in Thai, so open a second window and go to the Kasikorn web site and compare the Thai script to find your bank in the drop down window in Thai Paypal, it's the second bank listed.
Select it, and next is a confirmation page, Kasikorn Bank is now in English.
Confirm the transfer and the next window informs you that it will take five to seven days for the transfer (a little longer than US PayPal, which is three to four days).

The bank account must be entered without the dashes.

This process should work with any Thai bank, so if you try this with one of these Thai banks please let a comment on this website:
ACL Bank, Bangkok Bank, BankThai, Bank of Ayudhya, Kiatnakin Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Mega International Bank, Siam City Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, TMB Bank, Thanachart Bank, Tisco Bank, Union Overseas Bank UOB.




Hello, Can I use Kasikorn

Hello, Can I use Kasikorn bank account to create business account in Paypal as well?

Are there fees or anything? I

Are there fees or anything? I need to transfer about $13,000 USD for a vehicle purchase in Thailand and need to figure out if this or a bank wire transfer is better. Thanks!

it appears SCB (Siam

it appears SCB (Siam Commercial Bank) does not allow for connection to PayPal, as of July 2016

does not work with SCB

does not work with SCB

hello, it is my first time to

hello, it is my first time to use PayPal using my SCB and until now it hasn't reached my account. I want to know since you said it does not work with SCB, I would like to know if they returned the money back to your PayPal account? Thank you

Brilliant!!! Will give it a

Will give it a try - I'm from the UK
Transfers from PP to UK acc now take less than 2 hours - this the case now with K Bank.

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